Meet Terry Mueller

When you come to the “Meet Terry Mueller” page, what is it you really want to know? I know when I check this type of page, I want to get a “feel” for the person I’m checking out. I want to know if they will understand me, have compassion for my situation. I want to see if I will like them. I want a caring, compassionate person with integrity who will share their expertise with me, who will be straight with me, who will hold me accountable without being judgmental. I continually strive to be that person-the person I would trust with my own well being.

My life has always revolved around understanding the healing process. And I’ve discovered that healing takes many forms and rarely follows a simple, straight path. I also know for sure that healing requires that our hearts and souls be on board. Healing happens in its own time, not in our time. Healing introduces us to people and ideas that are new; healing asks us to open to new possibilities; healing demands that we become responsible for our well being. I believe true healing asks us to grow in our personhood and to let go of patterns, habits and beliefs that do not support vibrant health.

And that is who I am. I am straightforward, informed, compassionate, and motivated to help people heal. I’ve learned diverse healing techniques and principles and created a network of referral resources so I can steer you to whatever you might need. My bottom line is to help you have the chance to live your best possible life. I want you to feel great and be happy.