Endorsements & Testimonials


The cleanse was an overall wonderful experience for me.

Leading up to the cleanse, I had been experiencing significant neck and shoulder pain, as well as a general lack of energy and vitality.  Physical therapy and weekly chiropractic appointments were helping a little, but after a few days I would be back to experiencing the pain and stiffness all over again.

After just two weeks on the cleanse, my pain had decreased immensely and I was more flexible. 

By the end of the cleanse I was relatively pain-free and I felt more clear, balanced and energized than I had in years.

I lost weight and friends and family members even commented on how my eyes had a sparkle in them, my skin was clearer and that I was “glowing”!

“There are several things that I loved about this cleanse including:

  • The guidelines were clear and easy to follow.
  • The weekly classes and coaching sessions were great for having a chance to check-in and get support, guidance and additional information.
  • The supplies were easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive  – especially when compared to the money I saved had I not been doing the cleanse — it all balanced out.
  • The improvements in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health were dramatic.
  • The tools that I received will help me in the future to continue to create a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“I would definitely recommend the Body Wisdom Cleanse to others!”

— Judith B.
Attended BWC October, 2011


I have had a wonderful experience with the Body Wisdom Cleanse. Before the cleanse, I knew I needed a change in my physical health, as well as my mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health, and Terry’s program came to me at a very perfect time. I knew the cleanse would help, but I did not expect it to completely transform my life like it has. Since the cleanse, I (have): learned to trust my intuition, dramatically reduced my bulimic behaviors, feel more love and acceptance for myself and all others, ended a damaging relationship, started new hobbies related to skills learned during the cleanse, re-ignited past passions and hobbies, regularly eat more natural whole foods, have better skin, am incredibly happy and focused and motivated, decided to go back to school and start volunteering to start a completely new and terrifying career path, and am pursuing more enriching personal relationships. I am a completely different person now than when I started the cleanse 3 months ago.

Concerning the cleanse itself, I really did not follow it as much as I thought I would and I still benefited very much. Given the many holidays, being a compulsive eater and bulimic, not having much money, and being very stubborn and a know-it-all, I definitely strayed from the program. However I did the best I could, and Terry always graciously encouraged even the tiniest sign of improvement or growth and never frowned upon not doing what she recommended. I really liked that we also worked on goals in aspects of life beyond just the physical cleanse. We set goals for about seven other areas of health, which was really helpful and encouraging. Physically, I had much more energy, realized I needed much less food than I had thought I did, and felt lighter on my feet. I’m also more concerned with my long-term health and disease and aging prevention, which is great because I’m only 28. Who knows, maybe the things Terry taught me will someday save my life! This is getting long, so I’ll wrap it up!

This program can transform your life if you need it to and work for it. At the very least, you’ll feel absolutely fantastic and change the way you see food and lasting health. At best, well that’s up to you. Feel free to contact Terry for my email if you have any questions, etc.

— Ginger R.
Attended Body Wisdom Cleanse, November, 2012


“Terry is one of the most competent people I know. Her brain seems to scan faster and deeper than most. She’s extremely creative, has great business sense and is a joy to work with. She has character, compassion and dedication. She’s well versed in so many things, but give her a project that she’s never done before and she still hits a home run – every time. If you’re contemplating working with her, I would recommend it whole-heartedly; you’ll soon see what I mean.”

— Barbara R., Owner, Roman Art & Marketing
June 14, 2011


“Terry’s expertise in healing the body and mind is profound. In her work in process painting, she guides her clients through the process of exploring themselves — moments of resistence, joy, humor, frustration — whatever it may be, to gain insight and personal growth. Her work is a balance between the exploration of self-talk and the opening of the heart. She embraces art making in this exploration — what you will come out with on the other side is greater insight and self love. The journey is truly remarkable for those who come once or many times to her open studios and classes. Terry’s studio and facilitation creates a safe space to explore, and live fully.”

— Victoria S., MM, MT-BC, Owner, Oak Park Music Therapy
June 2, 2011


“Terry’s work helped me feel a great deal better! Her work is thoughtful and focused. I recommend her very highly.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”

— Deborah F.
May 14, 2011


“I’ve known Terry for 13 years. She has been my massage therapist, and I have attended openings at her gallery / creative space. Terry is a strong and creative, professional, focused on providing a great experience. She has high standards and a great sense of client service.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

— Jason S.
May 14, 2011