Presence without my story

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I’ve been learning a lot about Life’s priorities lately.  And I want to emphasize that the priorities are Life’s, not those that my thinking, rational mind puts on its ‘should’ list.  Life does has a way of interfering with our best laid plans.

Life is what happens when we intersect with others.  Sometimes we like it and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes, many times, it is quite inconvenient and has its way of twisting and turning us into outcomes we could never predict.

My life, the life I have planned, feels like it is in suspended animation right now.  Everything seems surreal.  All my issues seem so petty when compared with the current events Life is placing before me.  Life is demanding that I let go and crack open to a place I’ve never been.

I feel like I am growing up in a whole new way.  I am learning how not to take things personally, not even myself.  I am learning presence.  Presence without my story, without my aches and pains, without my crutches.

I am taking in every precious moment, letting it fill my heart, in full knowledge that any one of these moments could be the last.  My heart is in full bore love, open and full and knowing that what I treasure most will soon be lost.  I sometimes slide into grief, but I remember that I must stay in love or I will miss the final moments.

So I stay centered by remembering what is important, by stripping away my stories about the ways things should be and removing the concept of taking things personally from the equation.  My stories don’t seem so important anymore.

What is important is embracing Life fully and participating in its challenges with an open heart.  I stay centered and healthy by remembering that it’s not about me, it’s about how I show up.  And I am choosing to show up, open and ready for Life’s dance, with my stories and beliefs suspended on the sideline.


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