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I’m always suspicious when I start making excuses to justify behavior that takes me away from my path.  You know the type:  I’m too busy, too tired, too stressed, have a migraine, have a meeting, have to get up early.

How does that really serve me?  My mind is doing the justifying and my heart is contracting because I’m not doing what I said I would do.  My heart becomes sad and it becomes almost impossible to admit that this sadness is self inflicted.  The desire to avoid the painful truth triggers another layer of justification.  The justification gets more powerful and, pretty soon, all progress on my dreams comes to a halt.

I know that if I don’t return the power to my heart, I begin to feel like a runaway train and all that I’ve done to love myself goes down the drain.

How do I navigate my life, with all its hills and valleys, and still stay true to my deepest desire?

I begin by forgiving myself for my transgressions and accept that I am human and will begin to believe the stories/justifications born in my mind from time to time.

It is critically important for me to recognize the stories and excuses for what they are:  a product of my mind because it wants to get back to the old status quo and resume its control.

Awareness is key.  I must not only become aware of what my mind is trying to do, but I also must become aware and SENSITIVE to the reaction in my heart/spirit.  The mind shuts down awareness and that’s when things begin to get out of control.  The mind starts to paralyze the heart and will in an effort to get back into control.

Then I must ACT.  I must respond to my heart/spirit and say a resounding yes even when I have every excuse not to.  I must nurture my heart’s desires even when I am disappointed in myself.

So now I’m off to take care of myself, to get some rest and be sure I have the resources to nurture my dreams when I wake up tomorrow.



  1. Barbara  July 17, 2013

    Terry, you are such an inspiration. Thank you.

    ~ Barbara

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