Spiritual and emotional indigestion

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What do you do when life feels overwhelming?

I am faced with this challenge today.  There is more of life today than there is of me.  Even though this is challenging, I like to view it as a positive thing.

Imagine an empty life.  I personally can’t.  I like to bite off big pieces and chew them up thoroughly.  Sometimes, in spite of my best efforts to manage such big pieces, it causes spiritual and emotional indigestion!

But isn’t a little indigestion worth it when the cause is passion for life?

Passion for living is so critical for my well being.  Even though I complain sometimes about being busy, I really love the energy and excitement of giving my heart the reigns and letting it have its way.  The only thing that obstructs me is critical thinking.  That inner voice can be a meany sometimes.

It judges things so harshly, good or bad.  What if something is both?  What if it’s ok to just have a lot on the plate?  Yes, it creates stress, but that’s part of living.  So I shall stop my moaning and groaning and be infinitely grateful for my curious mind and adventurous nature.  What a lucky woman I am!


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