The transformation officially begins on May 30th

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CIMG5785Something is afoot.  For months, I have been feeling everything shifting.  My life feels shaken to the core, and in all the best ways.  Cracking open.  Chomping at the bit.  The walls are coming closer.  The shell is chipping away.  I feel a bursting forth developing in my bones.  Energy is gathering.  My body is healing and I am feeling all the anxiousness of an historic launch whose countdown has begun.

I have reached the point of no return.

On the threshold of a full recovery of my 2nd hip replacement, I am ready to reclaim my life.  I have been managing and using all my energy just to get by for many years and now I will be free from that !  Now I will be able to use my energy to achieve my dreams!  I am excited and nervous.

Now I am a full participant in another transformation process.

This time I am taking on the task of creating a physical presence that reflects my spirit.  I want to be stronger, lighter, brighter and more flexible.  I want to feel like I can physically support my heart’s desires.  And I’m willing to dig deep, to surrender to the process and to bring other women with me along the way.

I have been longing to relieve myself of the burden of making excuses for my overweight physical appearance. I am tired of feeling something negative when I look at myself in the mirror.  AND I believe it is possible to transform those feelings.  I want to use the process of health gain/weight loss as a tool for personal transformation.  I don’t want to just make my body smaller, I want to get excited about who I am again.  I want to love the whole picture of me when I look in the mirror.  I want to see my spirit shining through my eyes.  I want to feel so healthy that I have the energy to live my heart’s desires.

So I have created a way to support my adventure and bring some lucky women along with me.  The pilot group of the Transformation Goddesses begins on May 30th.  This 8 week intensive will focus on health gain/weight loss.  I am excited to revisit those healthy eating habits, but I want to take it deeper than that.  I want to heal my relationship with food.  I want to look at why it is so hard to change eating habits and find ways to strengthen the longing inside that wants so much to happily inhabit my body.

The transformation officially begins on May 30th.  I could use a few more accountability partners.  I am excited about creating realistic goals that support success in the transformation process.  I have already created a private FB page where the group can remain in contact in between the weekly sessions.

Will you join me?  We are stronger together.




  1. Deb  May 24, 2013

    YES! I know how you feel! After breaking my back five years ago and having spinal surgery 1 1/2 years ago, I was able to work in my lovely garden this year. Really. work. Dig. Move rocks. Weed. 7 hours in one day! And yes, the next day I was sore, but sore is so much different than pain–especially chronic pain.

    I had a comprehensive blood analysis done so I could see EXACTLY what was going on in my glands, heart, circulatory system, liver, kidneys. And while my husband and I have really changed our eating habits and we’ve both lost weight, there are still some things that are slowing me down. I pray for patience, I pray for healing (some of the damage may not be able to be healed.) I look for the ways in which I “give up” on myself by eating exactly what I don’t really want.

    HOORAY! Terry! I am thrilled about this group. I know it will be dynamic and life-changing for all involved. As you know, I can’t attend. But I am waiting for your on-line version . . . ? ? ? ? ?

    Love and light!

    • Admin  May 24, 2013

      Thanks, Deb, for your wonderful news. I am really glad to hear that you are doing so well.

      Transformation Goddesses will eventually have an onine version – and a book. But first the pilot. I’m so excited when I imagine all the ways this can reach people.

      Much love,

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