Classes & Workshops

Personal Transformation takes off with the support and energy of a group setting.  All our classes and workshops are designed to help you make lifestyle transitions and growth a shared experience, learning how to implement changes and receiving support and feedback from others who are headed in the same direction.  Classes and workshops are a more affordable option to one on one coaching and some classes offer a discount on individual sessions while attending the group.

Class schedules are on each individual page, where you can register and pay online.

Body Wisdom Cleanse—Detoxification/Cleanse

A comprehensive program designed to help you detoxify your body, learn to understand your body’s wisdom and integrate healthy living into your lifestyle.

Process Painting

Imagine painting in a safe place with a non-judgmental group where you can explore your creativity and learn to dissolve the blocks that prevent you from full expression in your art and life.

Transformation Goddesses

Transform your relationship with food and get guilt off the table.  Develop awareness of the hidden messages of your eating habits.  Free yourself from dieting once and for all.

Permission to Rest Retreat

Perfect for busy moms, caregivers or entrepreneurs who need to take some time for themselves to rejuvenate and restore balance in body, mind and spirit.