Transformation Goddesses



“I thought I understood the reasons why I either overate or ate unhealthy, but in 8 weeks I really learned that was only the surface.  Transformation Goddesses helped me dig deeper and the growth continues!”

“I feel like I really grew in these short weeks and LOVED the dialogue with others.  I can’t wait for the next session to begin! “


The answer to sustained weight loss is to elevate your consciousness around food.  The same old diet, the same old deprivation just doesn’t work.  Once and for all, change your mind about food.  We can show you how.  Imagine if you thought about yourself FIRST, before considering what to eat.  We’ll teach you how to listen to your heart instead of your head.

Reclaim your life.  Become a full participant in a transformation process that focuses on developing a healthy relationship with food.  Create a physical presence that reflects your true spirit.  Raise your vibration to become a stronger, lighter, brighter and more flexible you.  Feel like your body can physically support your heart’s desires. Be willing to dig deep, to surrender to the process and to be accountable to other women on the same journey.


Love the whole picture of yourself when you look in the mirror.  See your beautiful spirit shining through your eyes.  Learn how to feel so healthy that you have the energy to live your heart’s desires.

The Transformation Goddesses will focus on food via many avenues.  Of course we will learn to develop healthy eating habits, but we will take it deeper than that.  We will look at who we are in relation to the food we eat.  We’ll look at why it is so hard to change our eating habits and find ways to strengthen the encouraging voice inside.

Transforming your health is easier when you:

  • have accountability partners
  • journal about your hopes, dreams and heart’s desires
  • create realistic goals that help create success in your transformation process
  • have support when the going gets tough
  • are able to stay in touch via a private FaceBook page

We are stronger together.

We’ll meet weekly for a program that is designed to help support your journey.  We’ll monitor our progress and check in.  We’ll discover how to embrace freedom to say yes to what we really want.  And we’ll get more healthy and have some fun along the way.

Please join me for this progressive, new take on one of the most important relationships of your life, you and food.

The cost is $450 for 8 weeks and includes learning materials.  (Sliding scale is available for students with sincere desire and demonstrated need.)

2019 Dates TBA soon!



Cancellation Policy:  Full refund if cancelled at least 7 days prior to program, 50% refund if cancelled 24 hours-6 days prior to program, no refund less than 24 hours or once program commences.