Preparation for Surgery


When you know you have to have surgery you can help tip the scales toward a successful recovery if you prepare yourself for the procedure.  Of course, the longer you have to prepare the better your chances will be to create a positive outcome.

Understanding that certain herbs and supplements are contraindicated prior to surgery, there are still things you can do to get your body, mind and spirit on board for a successful procedure.

I created a protocol based on a comprehensive model of healing and then experimented on myself to see how I would do.  I amazed my doctors after total hip replacement surgery when I had absolutely no bruising or swelling.  Not only that, but I had very little blood loss, both during the procedure and afterward.  They collect and measure how much blood you lose after the surgery and, in fact, are prepared to recycle your own blood and give it back to you.  Imagine their surprise when there was almost no blood to collect!  Physical therapy was pretty easy and the therapists actually had to tell me to slow down and not overdo my exercises.  My surgeon was shocked at my six week check up when I could lift my leg straight up with strength and ease.

Of course, everyone is different and each case is unique, so I would be remiss in promising any kind of miraculous results, BUT wouldn’t you want to give your doctor a healthier body to work on?  It’s much easier to prevent problems than it is to correct them.  Do your part, be pro-active in your healing process and take the steps that you can so you can feel better as soon as possible.

Also learn how to be your own health advocate and how to talk to your doctor and ask the questions that can help put your mind at ease.  It is better to go in to any procedure with a satisfied mind than with a doubt filled mind.