The LifeLine Technique

The LifeLine Technique®

The foundation of the LifeLine Technique® is the understanding that physical symptoms, stress and disease are the language of your body and life.  Your body and life use discomfort as a portal to awaken you to your authentic power and ability to transform and create change.

Using muscle testing, your body guides the session.  Your body knows your truth and you will experience profound evidence of that during your session.

This dynamic yet practical system harmonizes the energy in the gap between what you want and what you’ve actually got.  The LifeLine Technique bridges ancient healing arts and modern ways of guiding the mind, body, and spirit into wholeness.

The LifeLine Technique® …

  • Do you want to live your life with intention?
  • Do you want to change your focus and reignite your passion?
  • Are you seeking a new way of dealing with the same old issues and physical problems?

Have you ever had really good intentions for change and even executed them for a while, only to lose your way or get sidetracked (for one seemingly legitimate reason or another)?  You can’t quite put your finger on why you don’t seem to manifest those good intentions and it’s actually quite frustrating.

There is a reason, and it’s not because your will power is lacking or you are a bad person.  It is because your subconscious mind (which is 90-98% of your brain) has been programmed to override conscious choice as a protective mechanism.  The problem is that the protective mechanism eventually becomes dysfunctional and actually stands in the way of manifesting your conscious choice.

The LifeLine Technique® is a philosophy, science and quantum technology that bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious minds.  It is energy work, not hypnotherapy.  At the root of every symptom, stress and disease is a subconscious emotional pattern of reaction that, when activated, will cause both behavioral and biological stressors.  The cornerstone of the LifeLine Technique® is our view of symptoms, stress and disease.  Rather than seeing a person as defective in some way, symptoms, stress and disease are the language your body and life use to awaken you to your authentic power of transformation and create change.

Scheduling LifeLine® Sessions

I highly recommend that you make a commitment to experiencing a series of four sessions.  I suggest this because there’s a good chance the ‘conversations’ you are getting from your body and life did not begin overnight, nor is it realistic to expect that they will be shifted overnight.  Your success is important!  Personal transformation is a process, not a flipping of the switch.  LifeLine sessions with Terry Mueller cost $100, if paid for separately, or save $100 and purchase a series of four for $300.  If, after the first session, you are not satisfied for any reason, your money will be refunded.

To schedule your sessions, please contact Terry Mueller at 708.805.2441 or use the PayPal button below and Terry will contact you when your payment is received.

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Payment plans may be arranged based on individual situations.

Cancellation policy:  We respect your time and promise to be punctual.  We ask that you also be prompt as we have a busy schedule.  If you need to cancel your appointment, we ask that you give at least 24 hours notice.  Any appointment cancelled with 24 hours notice will not be charged.  We must charge for time reserved, so if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice we’ll ask that you pay the full fee for the missed appointment.  (Because life does through us a curve from time to time, emergencies are reviewed on a case by case basis.)