A Touch For Health Session

  • Establish a goal
  • Determine benchmarks for testing
  • Assess the body’s energies
  • Muscle test to confirm corrections
  • Apply corrections
  • Prove the corrections worked
  • Create a plan to maintain balance

First, we work together to establish a goal for the session.  Then we determine several measurable benchmarks related to the goal so we have a focus to work on and an objective gauge with which to measure your progress.  An assessment of the body’s energies is then done by testing muscles for each of the major acupressure meridians.  Practitioners use specific testing methods to isolate a muscle.  Muscle testing is done by applying gentle pressure while you attempt to hold the muscle in a specific position that engages its function.  This is not painful or strenuous, and takes place fully clothed.  If there is something lacking, the muscle will ‘unlock’ indicating that there is something out of balance in a particular meridian.

Once the initial energy pattern is identified, we then muscle test various correction possibilities to find and then fix the problems related to the goal.  We then apply the corrections.  Once all the circuits are cleared and the body’s energies are balanced we go back to the benchmarks that we established earlier to prove that the entire system is now ‘on-line’ and that the problems are now improved or eliminated.  Then together we create a plan to help you gain control of your energies and convert them to positive outcomes, long after the session is over.


Physical-Emotional-Nutritional Balance

The physical body, the emotions and nutritional components are integrally related in vibrant health.   An imbalance in one area can be related to dysfunction in other areas.  By re-establishing balance in all three areas, people often experience profound effects.  Symptoms often disappear while an overall sense of well being emerges.

Many people come seeking relief from a physical complaint. Instead of treating the symptoms, our therapy sessions focus on removing the imbalances which cause the symptoms.  Where there is a problem, typically there is an imbalance of some type.  These subtle, seemingly unrelated imbalances may be the source of the problem.  Touch for Health does not treat a specific diagnosis, but works to restore the normal flow of the subtle energy within the body. Once balance is restored, clients usually report relief from symptoms.