What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, which draws on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, is a comprehensive systematic method of analyzing the body, its various functions, and the flow of energy through it.  The flow of energy through the acupressure meridians and various body systems is assessed using muscle testing (described below).  Once the imbalances are identified, muscle testing is used again to determine the best method(s) of correction which is always specific for that unique individual.  These methods are non-invasive, simple and highly effective.

Kinesiology accesses the body’s wisdom through the technique of muscle testing.  The revolutionary difference between Kinesiology and other modalities is that your own body responses confirm the steps we need to take to help restore balance in your ‘electrical system.’  One of the amazing functions of the human brain is that it knows the condition of every cell in the body and what it needs.  Kinesiology has developed the techniques necessary to access that inner wisdom.

The human body’s electrical system is critical to the proper function and control of each part of a person.  Our organ function, muscle movement and control, our senses, basically every part of our body and more, is dependent on the proper functioning of this electrical system which moves energy through the body via meridians.  Every circuit or meridian energizes corresponding muscles that can be tested to determine the nature of the imbalances, the corrections required and even the appropriateness of nutrition recommendations and supplements.

The founders of ‘Applied Kinesiology’ discovered that by testing the strength of these individual muscles a practitioner could get real-time feedback from the body.  Any imbalances within the meridians are revealed through properly executed muscle testing.  Simple corrections help restore the energy flow to the muscle and its related meridian.   Corrections are often applied with the practitioner’s hands, e.g., acupressure or simple massage.